Friday, August 5, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Playing a bit of catch up- will try to get the blog back into action.

We recently got a cute little camper- it was named "Betsy". Nice, but we gave him/her a sex change and named it "Hector". Much better. We took him to Moab for some biking and hiking- mui bueno!

I got all 4 Isoms these beauty lime green shirts that said "spring break 2016" on them. Oddly I was the only one to wear one each day.

What follows is either a) a brilliant sequence of the kids "expressing" themselves or b) a prime example of my crappy timing with action shots. "Okay 1, 2, 3, jump... one more time"

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Okay this was meant to be a Christmas post but time has been rolling along rather swiftly- so now its a Christmas-snowy January-Snow day from school post. Meh! we do what we can.
This winter has been a special one, being here for Christmas was nice, coffee by the fire each day, skiing at ski cooper, and being with friends and family. It kind of felt like we were living in a made for tv Christmas movie. (or elf)
But the joy didn't stop there. We have been getting after it! Each weekend we see what different combinations we can pack in: downhill ski, x-c ski, snow bike, soup at the Nordic center, sledding, snowshoeing, naps, and usually Roxanne's cookies. No one in this house would oppose a 3 day weekend/ 4 day workweek (Luca has been lobbying for 5/2).
So share in a little joy.
Joy #1 white stuff. Sure makes everything beautiful. We give Luca 1$ to shovel the deck, 2$ if it is more than 6inches.

Joy # 2. Neighbors. This mailbox is in between the Morton's house and ours. Flag is up means there is something in there for you. Sometimes Daniel puts a stick in there, sometimes Luca puts in a rock. Rascals.

Joy #3 the house. Ahhh its good to be home. We even have gnomes trying to get in.

Joy#4 the kids. Up for adventure- and usually of their own making- here Luca decided to grab his ice axe and go mountaineering. (as seen thru the kitchen window)

Ari and Caleb invited the kids up to their upper cabin for a sleepover. Pretty cool watching them load up and gear up ski away. What did Lisa and I do with our wild night alone? Bed by 8pm I believe.
Lisa and I aren't the only ones that enjoy reading by the fire.

Joy #5 Sherlock. A much more comprehensive post will follow- but we said goodbye to our sweet old boy Elmo and welcomed this silly one into our lives.

Joy#6 Our view. Not too shabby

Joy #7 Unexpected gifts. Luca mentioned wanting to build a cave while we were sledding. I noticed all of the snow the snow blower was piling up. Let's build a cave! Then unexpectedly (and only for the 3rd time in 30+ years) Eagle county called a snow day. So here we all are: home for the day ready to squeeze all the joy we can out of it!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Well its that time of year again- one of my favorites- thanksgiving. I realized today that I have not had a "real" turkey day in 4 years. Each of the last four we worked then had a gathering with coworkers. Not traditional but just as special- maybe it was the shared time with friends under foreign circumstances- not sure but I loved them all.

I hiked up ski cooper the other day (also something I had not done in 4 years) and in between huffing and puffing had a chance to be pensive. Pensive about all the things I have to be thankful for. Here are a few:

 This neighborhood. Moving back has made us realize how much it is a part of us. So many fun things to do and see. Like a fox cruising right by the kitchen window.


Halloween: Lisa has always wanted to do a scary neighborhood walk- well this year she did, and with the help of Jim they hung masks all along a path in the woods. They are still there and I dare not go unless the sun is shining.

I even have been thankful for neighborhood chores! It feels great to be chopping wood again. Check with me in February to see if I am still pumped to be shoveling snow.

Here I am in the roof while cleaning the chimney- yes crocs were a bad choice.

And with the neighborhood comes the neighbors. So thankful to be back with the Mortons. We seem to always be laughing when we are together.

 Always setting the hood fashion trends
The lovely Lisas- out running in the dark most mornings- or in Moab.

 Mi familia. I could never say how thankful I am for these 3. I love you all
I love them so much I talked them into taking "shelfies" which apparently are all the rage these days. Wilder kept muttering something about "you just don't get it" but in the end they came out nice I think. 
So much more to write about- and I haven't forgot about you (rest of family and friends) but we will just have to wait till next time- for now its time for bed. I have to get ready to eat too much turkey tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gran Turismo

Which to me means big ol tourist. Which is what I feel like in a way. We have often been asked since returning if we have felt culture shock. Not really, its more a big feeling of "WoW this place is amazing"- kind of like what tourists say. So its been a nice fall of watching things that I haven't been able to watch in a while.

 Here are a few shots of the lake just down from our house. We drive by it all the time and finally stopped to enjoy it- cool stuff.

Tried setting up the self timer while waiting for Luca and Lisa on a bike ride. It looks more like I'm being chased by bigfoot.
 Here they are.
 Objects in mirror are crazier than they appear

Always have liked the fall colors and the mtns around here but after being gone for 4 years I have really liked them this year.

A few day ago we got 2-3 inches of snow. We arrived back from school and Luca asked if he could put his snowshoes on! He is ready.

tastes great too!

Have spent alot of time in Denver watching soccer lately. Can you guess who Steve and I's favorite goalie is?
 Wilder is!

and one last one of Luca and Izzy having a heart to heart.